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Hey beautiful ! Happy to have you on my site. My name is Sarah Wilde, I am from Ontario, Canada. I am a national Level bikini and figure athlete and my passion and purpose in life is to get women feeling confident, healthy and happy in not JUST their body, but their mental strength and daily routine to push themselves to their best self and overall lifestyle + weight loss success for the now, and the future to come.

I have years of experience helping my female clients achieve their goals, and design workout programs for gym or at home and meal guides with macros for your goals! WHATEVER THEY MAY BE.

From complete newbie - to national level athletes. Whatever your fitness + health goal may be, If you're willing to put in the work I can promise you the results. I build programs that get results, WITHOUT the crazy fad dieting. To ensure that you get the BODY- MINDSET + LIFESTYLE Balance that you’ve been craving..... in a routine you LOVE; and can progress with for the LONG. TERM !!

I operate ONLINE with clients across North America . For full coaching details keep reading. To inquire about online programs please contact me through my booking form below !

Weight loss | Body Re-comp | Fitness Coaching

Working with over 250+ women across Canada online in the last four years for women fitness coaching, I recognize that everyone is unique and no two ladies will have the same goal, or body! That’s why I tailor programs to your short + long term goals, your likes, dislikes, and needs . coaching lengths to help you achieve your goals and keep you in routine !


I offer 3 Different start up periods, based of your goal and budget, and of course you can always renew! I have 4 week, 8 week and 12 week coaching options available. So there is no big chunk of change upfront, you may pay monthly and renew month to month, or secure a 8 or 12 week challenge period with me and save some money !

Each length of lifestyle coaching First includes 10 different programs including Meal guidance, Full workout programs, Macro goals and easy understand macro coaching guide (cause I am sure some of you are reading this thinking "what the ** are macros and why do they even matter ?!?) Recipes, Supplement guide, Ab workouts for home + gym, Iron Barbie lifestyle tips & tricks coaching + MORE.

Depending on the length you purchase, depends on the number of online check in's + updates you receive. PRICING BELOW IS ON TAILORED PROGRAMS WITH CONTACT WITH ME.

4 weeks: New Client $200 - for your 1st month with me - $175 renewal at the start of each month afterwards, for as long as you wish to renew.

8 week Online Lifestyle : $300- 8 Week fitness coaching based on your goals- all programs included + check ins + program change ups mid way & as needed.

12 Weeks: $450

Unlike other Online Coaches my programs get results through sustainable nutrition, hormone balance, rebuilding your metabolism through weight training, and whole foods with balance of course. My programs get you not only looking your best but FEELING your best. I am passionate about fitness and proper nutrition & Supplementation for women because I know the confidence you can build within working out and building a healthier daily routine for yourself. It’s not easy and the programs don’t work themselves but the pay off is WELL WORTH IT .

Invest in yourself. Self Care is not selfish, its essential. Health is not expensive, disease and living a unhealthy, unproductive lifestyle is expensive and will cost you more in the long run. I preach this to my clients; it's not about perfect, it's about getting started, and staying consistent every single small step forward you take keeps you moving. You're only stuck if you allow yourself to be.

Inquire via the contact form below.


I take regular women and turn them into nationally qualified Bikini and Figure ATHLETES.

Bodybuilding is where I found my passion and heart for fitness as I learned mind over matter, and that with the right mindset, work ethic + consistency you can completely transform not only your body, but your whole life. Nothing is out of reach if you're willing to work for it. Think you could never have a small waist or peachy booty... not in your genetics you say? Think again! Want that job promotion? Want to become a sponsored athlete? Want to become a full time fitness model and influencer? Or want to just feel strong and confident in yourself? Well . You can do it. With the right support and guidance behind you, hard work, and being patient with your journey..., You can and will be unstoppable.

For full competitive coaching inquiries please fill out the contact form below with best booking time for a consult to ensure you're a good fit for competitive bodybuilding and what to expect getting into the sport. I only take on select competitive clients each year and keep my team of IronBarbies small, successful and exclusive. All competitive inquiries must be approved before starting a prep .


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I have been following the Iron Barbie Instagram page for about 1.5 years and I remember thinking ‘I’d kill to work with Sarah.’ With great luck, I met Sarah when I came back to Kingston, Ontario ...

Hannah Murray

I've only been working with Sarah for a month now but it's the best choice I've made for myself so far this year! She's extremely knowledgeable in her field and has always been very supportive and ...

Brittany Madore

Sarah has been amazing with helping with my transformation! She is so knowledgeable and answers all my questions. She has helped so much with accommodating foods I love into my diet and making my ...

April Kristine


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