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Affordable Online Coaching for Women

Whether you're embarking on a brand new exercise regime or just want to switch up your current daily habits to see the results you want and feel more confident in your body; you’ll need a Coach that is qualified with a friendly, yet motivational attitude. Look no further than Iron Barbie Training – you found me! I am an expert in helping my female clients achieve their goals, and can design an exercise and nutrition plan for you to ensure that you get the body and MINDSET that you’ve always wanted. I operate internationally. For full coaching details contact me through my booking form!

Online Fitness Programs + Coaching

I recognise that training needs are individual – that’s why I different program + coaching lengths to help you achieve your goals and keep you in routine ! Ive coached over 400 women across Canada online ONLY with my custom fitness programs. Each length of lifestyle coaching first includes 10 different lifestyle programs including meal guidance, nutrition / macro coaching, recipes, Iron Barbie lifestyle tips and tricks, at home/ Travel or Outdoor workouts, gym weight training (Custom), supplementation and mindset coaching. I have programs starting at $100 no coaching. $200 first month (all programs included) $250 8 week fitness coaching - all programs included + check ins + program change ups mid way & as needed. $400 12 week fitness coaching challenges - everything in the 8 week coaching package but extended period of contact time with me for questions and support and an extra program change up (workouts & daily meal guidance) Unlike other Online Coaches my programs get results through sustainable nutrition , my programs get you not only looking your best but FEELING your best. I am passionate about fitness and proper nutrition & Supplementation for women because I know the confidence you can build within working out and building a healthier daily routine for yourself. It’s not easy and the programs don’t work themselves but the pay off is WELL WORTH IT . Invest in yourself and watch every other area of your life grow with you ❤️💪🏻

Competitive Sports Coach

I have many years of experience in personal training and have worked with a wide range of athletes to help them hit their fitness targets. I have the eye and skill to mix up your training & diet to push you to achieve your goals ; all while enjoying it. No more YOTO dieting it’s time for a sustainable fitness routine for LIFE. I am not only a lifestyle fitness coach but a competitive bikini and figure coach for women across the CPA. So regardless of if you're training for an athletic milestone like Olympic sport or marathon training; your first body building competition or just want to get in shape for a beachside holiday: FOR LIFE. I get it and I’m here for it ! I believe in you Lady For full competitive coaching inquiries please email or fill out the contact form below. I only take on select competitive clients each year and keep my team of IronBarbies small, successful and exclusive. All competitive inquiries must be approved before starting a prep .


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I have been following the Iron Barbie Instagram page for about 1.5 years and I remember thinking ‘I’d kill to work with Sarah.’ With great luck, I met Sarah when I came back to Kingston, Ontario ...

Hannah Murray

I've only been working with Sarah for a month now but it's the best choice I've made for myself so far this year! She's extremely knowledgeable in her field and has always been very supportive and ...

Brittany Madore

Sarah has been amazing with helping with my transformation! She is so knowledgeable and answers all my questions. She has helped so much with accommodating foods I love into my diet and making my ...

April Kristine


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